Whether your carpet, walls, furniture, treasured belongings, or even the actual structural integrity of your home sustained damages, there is nothing insignificant about water damage. It can compromise the market value of your home and even put the health and safety of your family at risk by inciting mold and mildew growth. Whether the damage was caused by a pipe burst, hurricane or other natural disasters, repairing your home can be costly.

Your home or business can sustain water damage from a variety of sudden and accidental occurrences. Most people do not realize that the typical homeowners and commercial lines insurance policies provide coverage for these disastrous events and require the insurance company to restore your home or business to its pre-loss condition. Unfortunately, in our experience, insurance companies will typically assign adjusters who improperly adjust and underpay your insurance claim or wrongfully deny your claim altogether. For example, it is common for an insurance company to only pay for the repair to one roof shingle/tile, floor tile or a single kitchen cabinet when the policy actually requires replacement of the entire roof, floor or kitchen cabinets.

If you have a water damage insurance claim that was wrongfully denied or underpaid by your insurance company, or you need assistance with the filing of your water damage insurance claim, call the property insurance lawyers at Pazos Law Group, P.A. immediately at 305-330-1643 for a free consultation.

“You won’t have to pay us any attorney’s fees or costs unless we recover money for you. If we recover money for you, our attorney’s fees and costs are typically paid by the insurance company.
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