Storms/Wind and Hail can cause visible damage to the physical structure of your residence, and can also damage the roofing granules/shingles and siding. In many instances, insurance companies will claim only part of the damage was a result of the storm damage versus normal wear and tear, manufacturing defects, and/or other excuses not to pay. Many insurance companies outright refuse to pay any damage to the interior of a home caused by roof and window leaks from hail. Hail damage or roof repair claims frequently get the boot. After an event such as a hailstorm, insurers will often attempt to deny, dispute, or delay valid insurance claims for property damage. Insurers may point to any number of excuses for failing to act in good faith:

  • Arguing that pre-existing damage existed
  • Claiming that poor construction or maintenance of the property contributed to the loss
  • Blaming the damage on manufacturing defects
  • Undervaluing the loss or damage to your residence
  • Insisting that the damage requires minor repairs and not full replacement
  • Refusing to pay for expenses related to repairs, debris removal, or living expenses

If you have experienced any of these actions by your insurer, you may need an attorney who can help you stand up to your insurer and get the compensation you deserve for your hail damage claim. If you have a hail damage insurance claim that was wrongfully denied or underpaid by your insurance company, or you need assistance with the filing of your hail damage insurance claim, call the property insurance lawyers at Pazos Law Group, P.A. immediately at 305-330-1643 for a free consultation. “You won’t have to pay us any attorney’s fees or costs unless we recover money for you. If we recover money for you, our attorney’s fees and costs are typically paid by the insurance company. Call us for a free consultation. We will explain in detail how we can fight your insurance company to obtain the money that you deserve.”

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