If you are preparing to marry, it is worth considering a prenuptial agreement regardless of your situation. A prenuptial agreement — otherwise known as a “prenup” — is an agreement between spouses before entering the marriage contract that specifies a course of action if the marriage were to end in divorce. They are a common aspect of marriage law in Miami, and are clearly outlined by the state of Florida. Some believe that prenups are only for wealthy couples, or that agreeing to one shows that there isn’t complete faith in the marriage, but consider it another way: if you do not sign a prenuptial agreement before marriage, you are agreeing that if your marriage did end in divorce, that you will let the state determine how your personal assets are handled. As they have become more common, the stigma has been lessened, and often used to ensure equality in a partnership.

If you are considering having a prenuptial contract created before entering a marriage, read more below about what it will cover, and contact the Miami family lawyers at Pazos Law Group today to ensure your contract is created properly and will be approved by the court.

What Does a Prenup Cover?

Prenuptial agreements are written to clarify each spouse’s rights in regards to finances, businesses, or property in the event of a divorce. In order for a prenup to be approved by a Miami family court, it must be fair to both parties and meet all state requirements. Here are a few things a prenup will cover:

Financial Rights

Regardless of the financial stability of each spouse, the financial rights to both can be determined in this contract.

Existing Assets

If either spouse is entering the marriage with property, businesses, or other holdings that they would like to keep separate, this will be clearly stated in the contract.

Future Division or Obligations

Entering a marriage can be an exciting time, and can be a good time to agree on any “worst-case” details. By agreeing in this happy time, it is sure to avoid additional conflict and stress if the marriage were to end in divorce.

Do We Need An Attorney For Our Prenuptial Agreement?

Although you are not legally required to have the assistance of an attorney for your prenuptial agreement in Florida, it is always a good idea. When you are working with a professional who is experienced with marriage law in Miami, you can be sure that the contract is written clearly, that it is created in good faith, and most importantly, will be approved by the Florida courts. You may draft your own agreement between you and your future spouse, but it is always a good idea to have it verified by an attorney before submitting your final contract to the court. They must adhere to the established Florida marriage laws, and there are certain things that cannot be included, such as potential future child support.

Can The Pazos Law Group Help With My Prenuptial Agreement?

Absolutely. The attorneys on our team are experienced in marriage and divorce law for Miami, and can be sure that your contract is written in a way that is clear, concise, and will be approved by the Florida courts. There are ways that a prenup can be contested in the event of a divorce, but working with a skilled attorney while you are drafting and submitting your contract can ensure that it is written in a way that should avoid major confrontations in the event that the marriage is dissolved.

Contact us today to discuss your contract, and we will be sure to help you with this process and get you on your way to a happy marriage.