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Anyone who lives in Florida knows that hurricanes, tropical storms and windstorms are a common part of life. Storms can cause serious damage to a home or business. Our law firm is dedicated to helping victims of storm damage who are being treated unfairly by their insurance companies. Storm damage insurance claims are complicated and you need to have an experienced insurance claim lawyer help you with the process. The 2005 hurricane season devastated Florida and changed the way that insurance companies evaluate and adjust insurance claims. Many times insurance companies will purposefully misdiagnose storm damage as caused by something other than a storm as a way to deny your claim. Your homeowners insurance policy covers damage to your home or business caused by hurricanes and storms. The wind damage claim lawyers at Pazos Law Group, P.A. have successfully represented homeowners and business owners in recovering the full compensation they deserve.

Roof damage caused by a storm can lead to other ensuing damage to your home that is covered under most homeowners insurance policies. For example, when a storm dislodges and damages roof shingles or roof tiles, it creates an opening allowing water to leak into your house, thereby causing water damages to the interior of your home including your drywall, cabinetry, electrical system, flooring, appliances, counter-tops and personal items. All of the above, and more, are most likely covered by your insurance policy. Moreover, if the damaged roof shingles or tiles are discontinued and cannot be matched, you may be entitled to a new roof.

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