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If you’re injured due to defective or dangerous merchandise, you may be able to claim damages such as:

  • past medical expenses
  • future medical expenses and hospital costs
  • past and future loss of earnings
  • general damages for pain and suffering.

In the event that a defective product causes the death of a loved one, the surviving family members may be entitled to the above damages, as well compensation for loss of companionship, funeral expenses, and related costs.

At Pazos Law Group, we are experienced and confident working in personal injury law and our team of product liability experts has extensive experience in handling product liability claims. We offer a free initial consultation and work on a “no win, no fee” basis.

3 Types of Product Liability Claims:

  • Manufacturing defects are those that occur in the manufacturing process and usually involve poor-quality materials or shoddy workmanship.
  • Design defects occur where the product design is inherently dangerous or useless (and hence defective) no matter how carefully manufactured; this may be demonstrated either by showing that the product fails to satisfy ordinary consumer expectations as to what constitutes a safe product, or that the risks of the product outweigh its benefits.
  • Failure-to-warn defects ( also know as Marketing defects) arise in products that carry inherent non-obvious dangers which could be mitigated through adequate warnings to the user, and these dangers are present regardless of how well the product is manufactured and designed for its intended purpose.


Product liability claims are often complex, and each claim is unique. An exhaustive investigation into the origin of a product and of its supply chain may be required just to identify the correct defendant for a product liability claim. Here are some steps your attorney may take into conducting a thorough investigation.

During a product liability claim investigation, your attorney may:

  • Review the nature of your injury
  • Evaluate medical reports
  • Review the manufacturer’s production process
  • Interview employees and managers
  • Determine whether the defect exists in other products
  • Consult with experts to examine and analyze the information gathered


If you’ve been hurt and/or experienced loss as the result of a faulty product, you might have a product liability case on your hands. Talk to one of our experienced Florida personal injury attorneys at Pazos Law Group. We will do our best to examine your case and provide you with an honest assessment of your situation and your case’s potential outcome. Our firm is experienced in Florida personal injury laws and statutes of limitations. We also have the right skills and resources to handle all types of personal injury cases, no matter how complex.

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