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Mold is a constant problem that homeowners face in Florida. The humidity, moisture and warm climate is a breeding ground for dangerous and toxic mold. Moisture in homes can come from leaky pipes, appliance hoses, roofs, air conditioners and drainage problems. Most of the time, mold has grown for months, if not years, before it’s detected. By that time, the mold is severe and the only way to fix the condition is to remediate the mold completely. This occurs by tearing down and removing everything near the mold.Unfortunately, most insurance policies limit mold coverage to $10,000 and some policies do not cover mold at all. Insurance companies will often adjust mold damage claims by labeling certain damage as “mold growth” to take advantage of the low policy limits or to deny the claim altogether. Many times, however, the mold growth was not the cause of the damage but rather a result of a sudden and accidental event (such as a pipe burst or supply line leak) that causes damage covered under the Coverage A dwelling provisions of your insurance policy. This is why it is very important to consult with an experienced insurance attorney to assist you with your mold damage insurance claim.

Mold is unsanitary and dangerous. If you see or smell mold inside your home, this condition is toxic and your must address and remediate the mold immediately.If left unchecked, mold can cause extensive damage to your property and even worse, cause numerous health problems.

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