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Was your property insurance claim denied or underpaid? Pazos Law Group, P.A. represents policyholders in claims against their insurance company. If you sustained property damage to your home and your insurance company has wrongfully delayed, denied or underpaid your claim, never settle for less.

At Pazos Law Group, we will go above and beyond to help obtain the insurance benefits you are entitled to.
Your insurance company has substantial resources to hire experts to protect their interests in denying your claim. Our law firm has the resources to retain experts to honestly assess your claim and ensure that you have a level playing field when fighting your own insurance company.

We can assist with resolving a wide range of homeowners’ insurance claims:


Fire Insurance Claim


Mold Damage Insurance Claim




Water Damage Insurance Claim


Wind Damage






Theft and Vandalism

Many times homeowners do not fully understand the language in their insurance policy or their legal rights. Insurance policies cover damages caused by a variety of occurrences: hurricane, windstorm, structural damage from wind-driven rain, flooding from a backed-up plumbing system failure, fire, hail, burst pipe, supply line leak, appliance leak, water heater leak, water damage, roof damage, vandalism, theft, etc. However, just because you buy an insurance policy and pay your premiums, does not mean that the insurance company will pay you the full value of your claim should a disaster arise.

Aside from policyholders, our law firm represents, emergency water remediation and extraction companies, plumbers or other contractors who have an executed assignment of benefits (AOB). Additionally, our property insurance claim lawyers work side by side with public adjusters to assist their clients in collecting the full amount due under a homeowners or commercial lines insurance policy.

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If you feel that your property insurance claim was wrongfully delayed, denied or underpaid by an insurance company, call the property insurance lawyers at Pazos Law Group, P.A. immediately at (954) 951-2405 for a consultation.

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