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A new name is often the result of a big life change, and along with it, a fresh start. Many people change their name after a marriage, a divorce, or for religious reasons. Parents also change their children’s names when they remarry or after an adoption. Pazos Law Group can walk you through the steps and help you ensure a smooth, seamless transition to the new chapter of your life.

Legally Changing Your Name

In order to change your name without a recent marriage or divorce, you will need a court order approving your name change. We will file the necessary Petition for Change of Name for you. We will also guide you through every step of the process toward receiving the necessary court order, with which you can change your name with the government agencies like the Social Security Office and the Department of Motor vehicles.

Legally Changing a Minor’s Name

Changing a minor’s name is fairly common due to divorce, adoption, same-sex marriages, and parents using different last names. In the United States, there has been a tradition for centuries and a general assumption that a child born in wedlock will carry their father’s last name or surname.

However, a parent may wish to change the last name of a minor, which will require a court order. We can file the necessary petition to change the last name of the minor and guide you through every step of the process to receiving the necessary court order, after which you can have a new birth certificate issued for the minor child reflecting the updated name.

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