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Uncontested divorces are for couples who agree on many of the major issues in a divorce. No trial is necessary and couples are often able to avoid high legal fees as well as preserve harmony in most cases. Once the issues are decided and the paperwork is filed, a judge is likely to approve and sign off on the divorce agreement.

Spouses must agree on all divorce issues, including:

  • How assets and properties will be divided
  • Who will be responsible for each debt
  • How child custody/time-sharing will be scheduled, including holidays, vacation, and on a daily basis
  • How much child support should be paid by and to whom, as well as health insurance for the child and other expenses
  • Whether alimony will be required, how much, and how long.

Even though your divorce seems relatively “easy” and straightforward, it is still important to consult an attorney for guidance. Are you walking away with an equitable and fair share of assets? Should you be entitled to receive or pay alimony? An attorney can analyze your assets, review your agreement, and provide suggestions on whether your agreement is in your interests. Divorce agreements can also be negotiated with the help of an attorney.

Advantages of an Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested divorces are relatively fast and cost-effective compared to uncontested divorces. Couples can save on court fees and other legal expenses that often go into preparing a divorce for trial. Most uncontested divorces can be completed in 3 months, allowing parties to move on with their lives quickly.

Aside from saving on legal costs, uncontested divorces can also spare couples from the emotional rollercoasters of taking a case to court. You can preserve the harmony, civility, and dignity of both parties.

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