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Pazos Law Group represents clients who have significant wealth at stake in a divorce. Dissolving a marriage with high net worth couples can be complex and often require the assistance of experts. We can work with our vast network of financial specialists to help you untangle the intricate web of joint assets, businesses, and other financial holdings of each party.

Important issues in a high net worth divorce case:

  • Valuing assets, including pensions, stocks, investments, retirement plans, boats, cars, collectibles, artwork, jewelry, antiques, personal property, etc.
  • Valuing businesses, professional practices, or other business ventures that may be owned with your spouse or a business partner.
  • Appraising real estate property, including marital home, vacation homes, and other real estate holdings
  • Locating hidden assets, offshore financial accounts, and other undisclosed accounts
  • Understanding the tax implications of transferring financial accounts and assets from one party to another

Our law firm works with forensic accountants, appraisers, tax experts, and other financial experts to value assets and locate any hidden accounts.

High Asset Divorce Tips

  • Get organized: Identify and organize all of the accounts that you own now and prior to the marriage. Make a copy of these documents for yourself and provide your attorney with this information.
  • Be honest about your assets: Don’t hide assets or try to move assets under a friend’s name. Such tactics can land you in trouble with the judge and may even harm your position in your divorce case.
  • Hire the right lawyer: If you want a quick and low-conflict divorce, don’t hire the most aggressive attorney in town. When choosing an attorney, make sure that their approach reflects how you want your case to be handled.
  • Take care of your health: Divorce can be extremely exhausting, emotionally and physically. Remember to stay healthy by finding time to de-stress, spending time with your loved ones, and getting enough sleep.

Protecting Your Premarital Assets

Many high net worth couples do have a prenuptial agreement in place to protect the assets they bring into the marriage. We do our best to protect our clients’ premarital assets and enforce the terms of the agreement.

If there is no premarital agreement in place, the situation can be more complex when a spouse’s premarital assets were used to purchase shared properties or items. We are skilled at finding creative solutions that work for both parties, and that make sense financially and emotionally.

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