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When couples disagree on many of the major issues in a divorce, such as child custody, asset division, alimony, and other topics, this is considered a contested divorce. Contested divorces can be long, emotionally draining, and expensive. In some contested divorces, litigation may be necessary. If couples end up fighting in court about every single issue and asset, the case can be in court for much longer than if a settlement is reached. If young children are involved, the back-and-forth battles can be ongoing, even after the divorce ends. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Simplifying Complex Divorces

At Pazos Law Group, we don’t believe in the scorched earth approach. While most divorces begin as contested divorces, they don’t always end with a full trial and a judge making the decisions. We encourage a resolution-oriented approach that minimizes conflict and cost for our clients. Not only will this be better for both parties in the long run, but the children are exposed to less trauma and stress during and after the divorce.

How can Pazos Law Group help you?

  • We offer collaborative law services and mediation as an alternative to litigation. Many couples can benefit from honest and open discussions guided by a skilled attorney. This often leads to better results and less conflict.
  • We provide personalized guidance and attention. We listen to our clients and guide them towards the right decisions for their families.
  • We focus on practical and balanced solutions, working together with the other party to reach a solution that both of you can agree on and one that makes sense instead of fighting endlessly in court.

If your case absolutely requires litigation, our contested divorce attorneys are always prepared to represent you in court. We are well-versed in Florida’s family laws and the court systems, and can help you navigate the intricate legal waters.

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