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At Pazos Law Group, our main goal is to achieve fair outcomes for divorce and family law cases in a professional and timely manner. Below is a list of our main practice areas in family law in Miami, but if you do not see your specific circumstances, contact us today to begin discussing your situation.


If you are planning to adopt, having the support of a family law attorney will be a major asset. The adoption system in the United States can be complicated and bureaucratic, but with the help of a professional, the entire process can feel a lot less complicated and will help you realize your ultimate goal of welcoming a new member to your family. The Pazos Law Group is experienced in adoption cases, and is happy to assist you with your adoption process in Miami.


After a divorce, one party may be left financially unstable because of their previous living situation and the disruption that the divorce caused. Alimony is a court-ordered provision that protects the less-financially independent spouse after the divorce by imposing time-limited payments from the other spouse until they are able to get on their feet. If you are planning to divorce, but are concerned about your financial wellbeing following the dissolution of your marriage, alimony is an important tool to discuss with us. We will work with you to find a fair solution for your money concerns so that you can move on with your life. Alternately, if you are to be required to make alimony payments following your divorce, we will be sure to reach a fair agreement for you.

Child Support

If you will be taking custody of your child or children, you will likely be entitled to child support payments from the other parent. Pazos Law Group will work with you to ensure that you receive the child support you need to provide your children with the life they deserve. If you will be the parent making the child support payments, we will work to be sure that you are making fair payments to the other parent so that you can maintain your own quality of life while being certain that your children are financially supported.


Custody issues during a divorce can be another complicated matter that Pazos Law Group will be happy to help you with. We have extensive experience negotiating fair and equitable custody cases for both parents, and take extra care in ensuring that the children in the custody case are treated fairly and safely. If you are looking for a family law attorney in Miami to help you through a custody case during your divorce, consult with one of the professionals at the Pazos Law Group today to determine your next steps towards a positive outcome.


Divorce cases can come in many forms, and the family law attorneys at the Pazos Law Group are experienced in all situations. Whether you are going through an amicable divorce, or there are many issues of contention that need to be addressed, our attorneys will work with you to find a fair solution and excellent support. Book a consultation today to begin discussing the next steps in your divorce process with a trained professional who will help you navigate this complicated process.


Oftentimes during family law cases in Miami, it may be preferable to deal with settlement agreements and/or mediation instead of a full court case. If mediation is the agreed-upon option, it is extremely valuable to have the support of a family law attorney to ensure that you are arriving at a fair agreement between both parties. Mediators are not supposed to provide parties with legal advice so it is important to have an attorney representing you at a mediation rather than attempting to rely on a mediator to make sure your agreement is what is best for you under the law.  Mediation can sometimes become complicated when the involved parties want to reach an equitable agreement, but encounter some roadblocks that may need additional work to be finalized. In this event, knowing that you are represented by a trustworthy attorney who is looking out for your best interests through the entire process is one way that you can minimize your stress while going through a major life change. Sometimes, mediation may be an option even if it does not initially seem like a possibility. This is another thing worth discussing with a Pazos attorney during your initial meeting.

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If you are looking for a family lawyer in Miami, the Pazos Law Group has the expertise you are looking for, and the experience to get you to the positive outcome you deserve. Whether you are dealing with any of the issues mentioned above, or anything else regarding family law such as asset distribution, domestic violence, relocation, paternity disputes, or more, contact us today to discuss the next steps for your situation.

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