Pazos Law Group can help you seek a post-judgment modification of an alimony order if your circumstances have changed. We can also help you modify a child support order if you or the other parent’s circumstances have changed. This includes both increases to the support obligation, and downward modifications changes to a divorce final judgment.

Examples of changes that would justify modification of a parenting plan:

  • One parent is relocating
  • One parent is not cooperating with the parenting agreement
  • Change in a parent’s schedule

We take on everything from relatively straightforward modifications to difficult cases involving the proposed relocation of a parent with custody of the children.


You may find yourself in a situation where your former spouse or the co-parent of your child is not following the Child Support Order, Final Judgment or Parenting Plan previously entered by the Court. In these cases, we help you to enforce the Order or Plan.

We can do so through out of court settlement negotiations or, if necessary, by filing a Petition for Enforcement with the court. If resorting to litigation is necessary, we can request that the Judge order the other party to cover your attorney and court fees for forcing you to bring an action in order to enforce an existing court order.