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In Florida, if the parties are unable settle the issues, then mediation is normally required prior to going to trial. In Mediation, a neutral third party (Mediator) works with you and your spouse to help you find solutions that are mutually acceptable or beneficial. The mediator does not take testimony from witnesses, does not rule on issues of law and does not render any verdict for you. Instead, the mediator works with both parties to find ways to resolve all of your differences without going to court. If you come to agreement on the issues, you sign a contract, which will be enforced by the court.

Mediation can be used to resolve virtually any family dispute, including but not limited to:

  • Child custody/visitation/time-sharing
  • Child support
  • Alimony
  • Property division
  • Debt division

Our South Florida mediation attorneys can help arrange for a neutral, third-party mediator to assist the parties in reaching a mutually agreeable settlement. Mediation is usually attended by both parties and both attorneys. Even in the most heated of divorce battles, the majority of couples are able to settle out-of-court using mediation or negotiation.

For those who must go to court, understand that litigation is itself a financial loss. When emotions preclude a reasonable settlement, the legal costs mount. Then a trial is needed to settle the case.


At Pazos Law Group, Attorney Pazos is certified as a mediator by the state of Florida. We can act as the mediator in any family law matters you have. We can also act as your attorney in a proceeding with another mediator, or we can simply help you prepare to represent your own interests in mediation.


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