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When you plan for the future wellbeing of your family, sometimes the best thing you can do is ensure thatyou are taken care of. There are many important aspects of estate planning documents, but one of the most important is the establishment of a living will. With a living will, you can direct your family as to your specific needs and wishes if you become too ill to do so yourself.

At Pazos Law Group, we understand how difficult it can be to consider what you would or would not want should you become ill or severely injured. As unpleasant and overwhelming as the task may seem, our experienced, compassionate legal team will do everything in our power to help you through it. We are dedicated to our clients and have the necessary legal knowledge to establish living wills quickly and effectively and to ensure each document in your estate plan acts in your best interest.

What is a Living Will?

A living will informs your loved ones of the care you would like to receive, should you be injured or otherwise unable to direct your care yourself. The living will can designate exactly what type of care you want, including whether or not you would want to be sustained on life support, if you want tube feeding, resuscitation or if you would like to donate your organs, and so on. It is up to you how detailed or general you would like the medical direction on the living will to be.

Through the living will you may also use a durable power of attorney to designate a specific person to be in charge of your care, should you be unable. This person is typically a spouse or an adult child, and you can also designate a second, should the first person be unable.

When Will a Living Will Take Effect?

The living will only comes into play when the person in question is incapable of making sound decisions for him or herself. The doctor or healthcare professional in charge will determine whether or not a patient is capable of comprehensive judgement, and if not will allow the living will to take effect. For example, if the patient is in a coma, he or she will not be able to make medical decisions, so the living will steps in.

How Can a Living Will Benefit Me?

Although the main purpose of a living will is to clearly designate your medical wishes and ensure they are carried out, the biggest benefit is the peace of mind it can bring your loved ones. If the worst were to happen to you, having a living will can apprise your family of your needs, so they can be confident they are doing as you wish. Most importantly, the living will has the power to take the weight of difficult, life and death decisions from your loved ones’ shoulders. By giving your family a clear plan, you remove the need for arguments, and allow them to focus on your care as you would receive it, in peace.

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For help establishing your living will, or altering an existing one, reach out to our estate planning attorneys at Pazos Law Group. Our firm is dedicated to helping people, and our essential goal is to ensure that your legal documents and wishes are carried out precisely as you want them. Put your trust in our attorneys, and we’ll be sure to make you our priority.

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