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Deciding to grow your family through child adoption is an exciting prospect but it is also notoriously complicated. For same-sex married couples who want to adopt a child in Florida, they may face even more complexities than usual as legislators continue to define parental needs and responsibilities in adoption. In the past, much of the terminology included notions of a mother and a father, as defined by their sexes and perceived social roles; with same-sex adoption, the definitions and stereotypes no longer apply.

At Pazos Law Group, our South Florida family law attorneys are happy to put our collective years of experience and legal knowledge to good work for you and your same-sex spouse when you choose to adopt a child. We believe adoption is a truly noble pursuit and we genuinely want to do all we can to help you sort through the intricacies and complete the process as soon as possible.

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Factors That May Complicate the Same-Sex Adoption Process

An adoption process that only takes a matter of weeks is an ideal but any attorney who has helped clients with adoptions in the past can tell you that this is simply not an option. Most adoption houses or orphanages require you and your same-sex spouse to become familiar with the child you wish to adopt through frequent meetings and events. All in all, the procedures involved with adopting a child can be surprisingly difficult despite the fact that your end goal is helping bring a child into a loving home.

Some factors that may delay or trouble your same-sex adoption include:

Parental rights: Some children who are up for adoption actually know the identities of their biological parents, and vice versa. If the biological mother or father of the child you wish to adopt refuses to give up their parental rights, you could be in for an uphill legal battle that may require courtroom litigation to resolve. This is often the case when a child is removed from an abusive home via government intervention.

Teenage child: If you wish to adopt a child who is 12 years old or more, they actually have a say in who adopts them. While this is generally not an issue – most children are happy and excited to be adopted – it could be if the teen is emotionally troubled due to shifting between previous foster homes.

Discrimination: As unfortunate as it may be, adoption workers may discriminate against you and your same-sex spouse for wishing to adopt a child. They can be open with their unfair treatment or do so subtly by denying your petition to adopt without clear reasoning. Please do not hesitate to contact our team right away if you think discrimination may be preventing you from adopting a child in need.

Fresh Thinking for a Bright New Age of Same-Sex Adoption

Our South Florida family law attorneys are truly excited to be able to help same-sex couples through the adoption process. We have always been passionate about building positive solutions and promoting equal rights through family law. If you give us the opportunity to help you and your same-sex spouse adopt a child, we are confident that you will not be disappointed in our compassionate and enthusiastic service.

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