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Restraining Orders Attorney Miami

Restraining Orders Attorney Miami


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When some relationships come to an end, a restraining order is necessary. But you might need a restraining orders attorney in Miami to have success with the order. Whether you are seeking a restraining order or defending yourself against one, our lawyers can help.

The Pazos Law Group has experience handling restraining orders. For years, our team has been defending against and filing restraining orders in the Miami area. Their knowledge of divorce law Miami and Fort Lauderdale helps them handle domestic violence cases that involve married couples.

How it Works

Filing a restraining order is a multi-step process. After you file, the court grants you a temporary restraining order. However, that order is only good for 15 days. To extend that order, you need a judge to approve.

You need to appear in front of a judge and describe your situation. If they agree that the order is necessary, they could grant it for as long as one year. However, proving the need for the order can be challenging.

Why is There a Need for Restraining Orders?

In 2014, there were 9,811 domestic violence cases reported in the Miami-Dade area. That doesn’t include all of the unreported incidents that occured.

Although you can take criminal action against the abuser, you can also take action in a family court. By filing for a restraining order, you can keep the other party away from you. It could be necessary for your safety.

A restraining order can also protect your family members. If you worry that an abusive partner will hurt your children, then an order can keep them safe. Until you have a custody agreement in place, the restraining order can limit their interaction with your children.

Unfortunately, many people struggle to file restraining orders. The court can be quite strict when it comes to restraining orders. If you want one, you may need the help of a restraining orders attorney in Miami. Our team can help you prove the need for the order.

With a divorce attorney in Miami and Fort Lauderdale from our team, you can take action against your abuser. Doing so can protect you and your loved ones from harm.

Common Reasons for Restraining Orders

There are several reasons people ask for restraining orders. Here are a few of the most common ones:

  • Child abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Sexual abuse
  • Child endangerment

In some situations, issues like divorce result in the above actions. Without a restraining order, you could be vulnerable to further abuse.

Defending You from Accusations

Sometimes, people are quick to file restraining orders. They might do it out of spite or anger. If your partner files an order that is untrue and unnecessary, you could benefit from working with us. Our team has what it takes to defend you against unfair accusations.

We can help you challenge the restraining order. In Florida, domestic violence is a very serious issue. If your partner accuses you of violence and files for a restraining order, you could be in for a battle. You need the help of someone who has experience defending the unfairly accused.

It’s important that you don’t try to take matters into your own hands. If you violate the restraining order, you could end up with a charge of a misdemeanor and with a high fine.

Your Restraining Orders Attorney in Miami

A restraining order is a serious situation. If you’re filing for the order, the outcome can impact your safety. If you’re defending yourself from the order, the outcome can affect your future.

For that reason, you shouldn’t take the situation lightly. You need a restraining orders attorney in Miami who can stand up for you in court.

Our lawyers have more than just knowledge of divorce Law Miami and Fort Lauderdale. They also have knowledge and experience regarding restraining orders. When you work with a divorce attorney in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, you can improve your chances of a successful outcome. Contact us today for help.

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