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Termination of Parental Rights Florida

Termination of Parental Rights Florida

The state does not take the termination of parental rights in Florida lightly. When one parent seeks to end another parent’s rights, the outcome can be a lengthy court battle. Whether you’re seeking to terminate rights or you want to protect your own rights, you need a child custody in attorney Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Our team of lawyers at the Pazos Law Group can help you accomplish your goals. With in depth knowledge of child custody law in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, our lawyers know how to get you a positive outcome. They can work towards resolving your issue.

What Happens with the Termination of Parental Rights in Florida?

Although the termination of parental rights in Florida isn’t common, it happens. And when it does, the outcome can be serious. A termination of rights does all of the following:

  • Takes away the right to make decisions about the child
  • Removes the option for visitation with the child
  • Limits who has access to the child

Because the consequences are so severe, the court takes termination cases very seriously. The court considers the petition and allows both parents to appear before a judge. If you want a successful outcome, you might need a child custody attorney in Miami and Fort Lauderdale to represent you.

Our lawyers understand how judges make their decisions regarding parental rights. Because they have such knowledge, they can take the necessary steps to protect your interests.

When Does a Termination Occur?

There are only a few circumstances that allow for the termination of parental rights in Florida. Here are some examples:

  1. A voluntary surrender

If one parent wants to surrender their rights, they can do so. This is most common in situations that involve adoptions. Whatever the situation might be, the parent needs to sign a notarized document that relinquishes their rights.

Unless the signee can prove that they signed away their rights under duress, there is no going back. Once they surrender their rights, they are no longer the legal parent.

  1. Threats to safety

In some cases, abuse can lead to a termination of rights. If one parent acts in an abusive way, the court could decide to terminate all rights.

The threat could involve physical abuse, mental abuse, or emotional abuse. However, it could also be negligence or a chemical dependence. If the child is put at risk by the parent, then there are grounds for termination.

  1. Abandonment

If a parent leaves their child and remains out of contact, the other parent could choose to terminate their rights.

  1. Incarceration

If a parent is put in jail for an extended period of time, the court could terminate their rights. However, the length of time needs to be a significant portion of the child’s life.

Getting Help from a Child Custody Attorney in Miami and Fort Lauderdale

Every year, Miami-Dade County courts see 5,100 misdemeanor domestic violence cases filed. Some of those cases could result in the termination of parental rights.

However, other cases involve different situations. Whatever your circumstances might be, you could benefit from someone with knowledge of child custody law in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Here at Pazos Law Group, our lawyers understand the gravity of the termination of parental rights in Florida. They know the high emotions that come with these cases and they work hard to ease your burden.

When you’re dealing with a termination of parental rights, you deserve support. Working with us gives your case the attention it needs. Our team takes the time to learn the specifics of your case. They also take the time to explain the potential outcomes and what they mean for your future. Instead of being in the dark, you can fully understand the situation.

If you find yourself in the midst of a termination of parental rights case, contact us at the Pazos Law Group. Whether you want to terminate another’s rights or protect your own, our lawyers want to help.

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