How to Get Sole Custody in Florida

How to Get Sole Custody in Florida

If you are attempting to get sole custody in Florida, your best first step is to contact a legal professional to help you with this situation. The Pazos Law Group has a team of attorneys with exceptional experience in family law in Florida, and will be happy to help you with your case. Read more below about the necessary steps towards winning sole custody of your children in Florida.

Illustrate The Best Interests of the Child

If you are attempting to win sole custody of your child, the most important thing to prove is that this decision will be in the best interests of the child. A court will not consider sole custody if it is clear that the parent is acting out of selfishness or spite, and will do their due diligence to ensure that this is not the case. If the child is at risk for specific reasons while they are in the other parent’s custody, be sure to illustrate this risk clearly to show that this is entirely for the benefit and safety of the child.

Provide Extensive Documentation

Any and all documentation that will support your claims of the child’s best interests will be extremely valuable during your sole custody case. Your family law attorney will be able to sit with you and determine which types of documentation are most important for you to produce and present to the judge, how to come up with this documentation, and more. Any documentation that illustrates that the other parent is irresponsible, unsafe, suffering from drug or alcohol issues, financially insecure, or abusive, will strengthen your case for gaining sole custody.

Be Prepared

Along with your documentation, it is extremely important to show the courts that you are responsible and prepared for the case. If you are unprepared in front of the judge, don’t have the required information, are unable to state your case, or seem to be disorganized during the hearing, these are all indications that will be less-than-convincing to the judge that you are going to be able to solely provide for the child. A prepared, well-articulated parent who is requesting sole custody of their child shows the judge that they are responsible, professional, and trustworthy. Your attorney will help you build your case so that you can appear in front of a judge and illustrate that you are a responsible parent worthy of the sole care of your child.

Be Civil

A good demeanor is always important in a court setting, but is even more important while you are making a case for sole custody of your child. If you are unable to be civil, respectful, and calm throughout your hearing, you will send very clear signals to the judge that you are unable to handle stress and responsibility — things that are required of a good parent. Civility throughout the entire process, no matter how stressful it may be, is an extremely important part of achieving the outcome you desire in a sole custody case. Angry outbursts, speaking disrespectfully to a judge, lawyer, or the other parent will not go over well.

Hire A Legal Professional

The Pazos Law Group is available for a consultation regarding your sole custody case today. It is important that you have strong representation while moving forward with this situation. After your consultation, you will have a greater understanding of what will be required of you to gain sole custody, and understand what your attorney will do in order to help you to that goal. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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