The Miami-Dade Family Court Services office is committed to reducing the conflict and trauma to families involved in family court cases. The court can refer families to Miami Family Court Services, which allows them to access services provided by Family Court Services without cost to them. The focus of Family Court Services is “therapeutic justice,” a mission that Pazos Law Group shares.

Miami-Dade Family Court Services offers a number of services, including crisis assistance and marital reconciliation services. Families will be supported through the reunification process as they re-establish relationships that have been alienated and can participate in education about co-parenting in a healthy way. When child welfare is a question, Miami Family Court Services will interview family and observe interactions to ensure that the court gets impartial information. When time sharing schedules are a challenge, Family Court Services can help each party understand the schedule or walk them through developing a better arrangement. Supervised visitation or exchanges can be done in a safe, friendly environment. Home study services and drug testing can be done as well.

For families in need, a parenting coordination program offers a six-meeting program to help families facilitate their parenting plan, monitor that court orders are being followed, and offer referrals to community resources that may be needed. Miami Family Court Services often refers families to community agencies and private practice professionals to supplement their services. These services may require additional fees, the payment of which can be a part of the court’s support order. These services include counseling, parenting classes, psychological/psychiatric evaluations, substance abuse evaluation and treatment, and DNA testing among others.

Miami-Dade Family Court Services carefully documents all of the communications between the agency and each family, reporting those interactions to the court.

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