The law in Florida for children is very clear: every child has the right to the support of both parents until the age of 18. Florida family courts and, specifically, the Miami-Dade State’s Attorney’s office are committed to making sure that Florida children receive that support. Of course, we work with families to ensure that child support orders are in the best interest of the children. But what can you do if those child support orders are not being followed?

The Miami-Dade State’s Attorney’s office offers services to families to help in these types of situations. Miami-Dade Child Support Enforcement can:

  • Locate parents who are missing for the purpose of collecting child support
  • Establish paternity when needed to establish child support orders
  • Establish medical and financial support orders for children and families
  • Enforce support orders that have already been established
  • Modify support orders when circumstances have changed

The process of using the Miami-Dade Child Support Enforcement can take months. The ideal scenario is to work out a solution without needing to involve Child Support Enforcement. When that is not possible, you can be referred to Child Support Enforcement if you are receiving public assistance or apply if you are not. Child Support Enforcement does not charge a fee for its services. Once you have applied, CSE will gather information they need to begin your file. Including specific financial information. After their initial examination of your case, a CSE case analyst will schedule an interview to gather more information and work toward a solution.

Child Support Enforcement can make sure that you get the medical and financial support from the other parent in a variety of ways. These options include:

  • Income deduction
  • IRS interception of tax returns
  • Frozen bank accounts
  • Interception of any lottery winnings
  • Liens on real estate and personal property
  • Report to consumer credit reporting agencies
  • Suspension of driver’s and professional licenses
  • Contempt of court judgment
  • Denial of passports

All payments collected through the Child Support Enforcement must go through the state, so that accurate records can be kept. Child Support Enforcement can help you with an existing child support order but can’t help with visitation, custody, or alimony orders.


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