how can you obtain compensation for your losses after a fire in floridaThere may be nothing more emotionally disrupting and heartbreaking than losing your home and all your precious belongings to a major fire. If you and your loved ones were able to make it out of a fire unharmed, you will certainly count yourself lucky, but you will still miss the sentimental and valuable items you have lost in the fire.

Outside of your losses both emotional and financial, you are probably also wondering what to do and where to go now that you are literally left with nothing but the clothes on your back. Depending on the severity of the fire, you may be looking at remodeling or rebuilding your home, or simply moving to a new home altogether.

Your homeowners or commercial insurance policies may compensate you for your losses. Depending on the extent of the fire at your business or home, you may be experiencing significant damages that will cost a fortune to repair. Unfortunately, insurance companies are known for giving victims a difficult time when it comes to paying out for significant losses. They may try to stall your claim by ignoring your contact attempts. They may offer you a settlement that is far lower than you expected.

These are just some of the tactics that insurance companies will employ when you try to collect your benefits after a fire. You need legal support on your side to ensure your rights are protected. The Florida fire insurance lawyers at the Pazos Law Group have extensive experience practicing insurance law and representing our clients’ best interests. We will fight on your behalf so that all of the provisions of your insurance policy are enforced and you receive the full value of your home and personal belongings that were lost in the fire. While we never accept any money from those we represent until we obtain a settlement on their behalf, under Fla. Stat. §627.428 our fees may be taken care of by your insurance company. With our help, you may receive a direct settlement to help you move on, as well as much needed peace of mind.


How can You Secure Compensation After a Fire?

The burden is directly on your shoulders to build a strong claim to recoup your losses after a fire. When you are putting together your claim, be sure to include the following information:

  • The date of the fire
  • The condition your home was in before the fire and its condition after the fire
  • The types of losses and damages
  • Detailed description of the items that were lost and damaged
  • The official police report and fire investigation report

Even when you have all of these documents in place, you may still encounter  resistance from your insurance provider in paying for your losses and damages. When you have the experienced Miami insurance legal team at the Pazos Law Group on your side, your rights will be best represented. We will fight aggressively so that you obtain a fair settlement for the losses and damages you had to endure.


How Does the Fire Claim Process Work?

After you have put together the essential documentation and information about everything you lost in the fire, you will file your claim with your insurance company. The insurance company will begin an investigation to figure out what caused the fire, the extent of the damage caused by the fire, and the amount of money they believe will cover all of your losses. Do not be surprised if the insurance company tries to blame the fire on your own negligence to get out of having to pay you a fair settlement.

With the help of a Miami insurance claims attorney, you will have the support necessary to ensure you obtain the insurance benefits to which you are entitled. The Pazos Law Group will help you compile the evidence, take on the insurance company, and manage the negotiations, appeals, and settlement process so that you obtain the most favorable outcome possible. Our law firm has the knowledge and the resources to level the playing field when you are going up against a large insurance company.

Sometimes a valid claim is unlawfully denied by your insurance provider. The Unfair Claim Settlement Practices Act (UCSPA) was put in place to protect policyholders from such wrongful actions. Listed below are some examples of insurance company actions that would be considered unlawful and protected against under the UCSPA:

  • Not investigating in a timely manner
  • Deliberately undervaluing your claim
  • Biased interpretation of your policy terms
  • Unsubstantiated claims of deliberate actions leading to the fire such as arson
  • Excessive delays adding unnecessary extra time to the process with regards to either making their payments or processing your claim
  • Not providing a valid reason for their denial of your claim


Where can You Find Help in Florida After Losing Valuable Property in a Fire?

If you have been through a fire, you are likely in a fragile state and in need of some help. The last thing you need is to be hassled and abused by the insurance company while you are trying to put your life back together and take care of your family. If you filed a claim and you believe you have been wronged by your insurance provider, you should consult with an experienced legal professional.

The Pazos Law Group is here to discuss the details of your fire claim during a free consultation. We will evaluate the strength of your claim and help you put together the pieces necessary to build a strong case. We will also review your insurance policy. It is not uncommon for homeowners to be unclear on the language in their policy and therefore be unaware of their legal rights. We work side by side with public adjusters so that you will have the best chances of collecting the most money possible under your homeowners or commercial insurance policy.

Do not hesitate to contact the Pazos Law Group today and speak with one of our Florida insurance claim attorneys during a completely free consultation. We are dedicated to helping victims in Florida at (954) 516-7118.

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