If you are filing for a divorce in Florida, having children will add an additional decision that will need to be made throughout the court case. There are many issues that arise when discussing the issue of children, such as custody and child support, as well as the possibility of shared legal decisions about the child or children and their wellbeing. Divorce law in Florida can be complicated without there being children involved, but if there is, your best option is to discuss your case with a legal professional, and hire a family law attorney to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone involved.


Custody is the term most people know in reference to refers to the care provided by a parent, or both parents, of a child. Florida family law law does not use the term custody but rather a combination of both parental responsibility and timesharing.  Parental responsibility refers to decision-making power of each parent for the children whereas timesharing refers to the visitation schedule of the parents with the children.


Shared Parental Responsibility

Shared parental responsibility means that both parents have equal decision-making rights when it comes to the child(ren).


Sole Parental Responsibility

Sole parental responsibility means that one parent has all of the decision-making rights when it comes to the child(ren).


Visitation Rights

In Florida, visitation is referred to as timesharing and the schedule that the parents share with the child(ren). These visitation rights may involve supervised or unsupervised visits to the child, and will be determined by the court if the parents cannot reach an agreement.


Child Support

No matter how custody is determined, it is likely that there will be child support payments required from one parent to the other. Child support is usually an aspect of any divorce involving children.  Child support is calculated according to the Florida Child Support Guidelines, which involves a formula that includes salaries, each parties number of overnights with the child(ren) and a few expenses including health insurance and childcare.  The Pazos Law Group has extensive experience in calculating a fair child support agreement between parties.


Experienced Divorce Lawyers in Miami

The Pazos Law Group is available to help with your divorce case, and will work with you to identify a fair outcome for your custody and child support issues throughout the proceedings. Book an initial consultation today to discuss the specifics of your divorce, and to get a better understanding of the issues that you can expect as the case moves into issues involving your children. Divorces can be complicated without the additional questions of custody, visitation, or child support, but a legal team that focuses on family law in Florida will ensure that you can navigate this process with minimal stress.

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