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We are client-focused and results-driven divorce attorneys, highly rated by the clients we've helped.

Why are Pazos Law Group Divorce Attorneys Different?

At Pazos Law Group, our goal is to make your divorce as peaceful as possible.

An amicable divorce that’s settled out of court can sound impossible, especially if you have children, own a home, or need spousal support. We will do anything in our power to make that a reality.

We believe that, as your divorce lawyers, we should be negotiating with the other side rather than fighting at every step. Negotiating an amicable settlement out of court is better than leaving every issue in the hands of a judge–and you are far more likely to get more of what you want.

We offer our clients compassionate representation with results in mind.

Our Team of Client-Focused Divorce Lawyers Will:

  • Communicate with you about your case at every turn
  • Arrange third-party mediation when appropriate
  • Collaborate with the other side to craft a settlement that protects your interests
  • Negotiate agreements on issues of alimony, child custody, child support, and division of assets
  • Avoid costly and lengthy contested court battles when possible
  • Present you with the pros and cons of a contested court fight so you can make the right decisions
  • Represent you with commitment and energy both in and out of the courtroom
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When someone can come to us, full of emotion, saying “You helped me, you helped my family, and we got through this really difficult time and got to the other side,” we know that we have done our jobs. It makes me happy to be a lawyer.

Nadia Pazos, Managing Partner

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Personal relationships are the foundation of our lives, and when a divorce happens it can feel like that foundation is crumbling.

The mission of our family law practice is to make those challenging times easier for our clients. Our collaborative approach to divorce and family law puts you at the center, not the fight. Our efforts will be focused on helping you, your children, and your family through a difficult time. At every step of the way, our focus will be your family, not a war you’re waging.

Not every case can be negotiated out of court, but every person deserves the compassion and kindness of being involved in the process.

At Pazos Law Group, we know that divorce, done right, can be a positive step forward instead of a battle that breaks your spirit.

A classy attorney

Nadia has been so good to me and has gone above and beyond to make certain I was treated fairly. I will forever be grateful for her expertise, advice and warmth. Before I walked into her office I felt so lost. The legal system is like a foreign planet to me. Nadia explained everything and helped me understand what to expect at a time when everything seemed so uncertain. She is an honest attorney, kind and professional in every way. She has been an absolute blessing to me.


Best attorney in South Florida

Best attorney in South Florida. She really cared about me and my son and put in more of an effort than I have ever seen from any other attorney. She went above and beyond.


Top notch law firm

This is a top notch law firm that specializes in Family Law. Family law is what they do and they do it fantastically. Stick to the experts!!!

Ed M.

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