Whether it is storm/wind damage, flood/pipe leaks, marine damage or fire damage, at Pazos Law Group, we’ve got you covered. Literally! 


Here are 4 reasons why your insurance claim be underpaid or denied.

#1  It is not in your insurance company’s best interest to settle your claim for the highest dollar amount possible. Their in-house adjusters look out for the company FIRST! Their  adjusters marching orders, unfortunately consist of either minimizing your claim or revoking it. 


#2  You don’t know exactly what your policy covers. An insurance policy is a legally binding document that can be difficult to interpret. 


#3  You have NO experience in negotiating with insurance companies nor in dealing with their team of legal experts. 


#4  You did not report the damage in a timely/organized manner. 


You pay your premiums for years until disaster strikes. Don’t jump on your insurance company’s first offer. Hiring a public adjuster and/or seeking legal representation will insure you getting the maximum dollar amount for your claim.